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3J Farms, established in 1995 by Jeff and Jamie Earles along with their son Jeffery Earles II. The ranch is located near Ravia, Oklahoma and is one of the largest Red Angus seed stock suppliers in the State of Oklahoma.

The 3J Farms herd was built by selecting females from top breeders from around the country. Aggressively using artificial insemination and embryo transfer as a way to further improve upon genetic value of the herd. We strive to produce high quality bulls for commercial and seed stock customers, with high performing, yet balanced EPDs.


Founding member of The Red Alliance program

3J Farms is a founding member of The Red Alliance program. Established in 2003 to catapult growth of the Red Angus breed in Oklahoma. As a Red Alliance member, we subscribe to the use of artificial insemination and embryo transfer in order to stay on the leading edge of genetic opportunities for our customers. The Alliance program is based on the management and development of our bulls by an independent – non-member operator – which allows for an objective and unbiased collection of performance data and adds additional validity to results.

The bulls are raised and developed by Alfadale Stock Farms, El Reno, Oklahoma.

Owned and operated by Peter Jeffrey and his family, our partnership with Alfadale and Peter is a critical component to the success of the Red Alliance program. Alfadale Stock Farms takes possession of the bulls after they have been weaned and back grounded. At the conclusion of the performance test we sell these bulls along with a select group of registered Red Angus females at the annual Red Alliance sale, held each year on the second Saturday of March.

Selling at the Red Alliance Sale

3j Farms - Red Angus Cattle in Ravia OKOur operation is keenly focused on producing high quality bulls for commercial cattlemen, looking to upgrade the quality of their calves through improved weight gain at weaning and carcass quality. We have a proven track record of satisfied customers from throughout the country with both small producers and large scale commercial operations. A natural byproduct of our intensively managed breeding program is a good selection of seed stock quality bulls for the progressive Red Angus breeder that is looking for cutting edge genetics to upgrade their breeding program or inject fresh new genetics into their herds.

We also offer an excellent selection of seed stock quality Red Angus females with open and bred heifers being a specialty. These females come from a herd that has produced excellent brood cows for many breeders from around the country ranging from start up herds to progressive breeders looking for special genetics to add to their existing program.

Please review our various links on this website and if you have a need for Red Angus cattle give us a call or send us an e-mail. We enjoy one on one visits at the ranch and would be happy to show you our herd.

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