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In our efforts to produce the best cattle possible for our customers we make extensive use of artificial insemination and embryo transfer by utilizing semen from the best bulls in the world. In addition to purchasing semen we have aggressively sought and developed partnerships with some of the best Red Angus breeders in the US and Canada to acquire exciting sires such as Thump, GTO, Pure Gold, Mojito, All Beef, Beefmaker, Robo Gold and others. Below you will find a sampling of the sires we use in our program through natural service and artificial insemination.
The true power of our program comes through exceptional cows that graze our pastures and raise their calves. They have been handpicked from premier Red Angus breeders all across the US but all of the development of our cow herd is useless if we don’t match the best bulls that money can buy with the cow herd. We believe that our program is as aggressive and perhaps more importantly as progressive as any Red Angus breeder in the country and the new addition to our Herd Sire pen proves just that! We’ve added an exceptional Simmental bull that can add value and strength to your cross-breeding program.

Bieber Fusion C416

Reg# 3474541
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3J Farms

OHRR 107Y Gold Saga 72C, #3495366

Reg # 3495366
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Red Angus Cattle in Ravia OK


Reg # 1446238
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Cattle in Ravia, OK


Registration # 1151261
Born January 31 2004
BW: 103 lbs Adj. 205D: 737 lbs
Adj. 365D: 1261 lbs WI: 104 ‘08 EPD’s: BW +0.1 WW +47 YW +83 Milk +16 TM +40

We do not own Mulberry but we use him a great deal in our artificial insemination and embryo transfer program. He has a proven track record and produces some of the most exciting calves in the breed today. Read the comments below from the owners of Mulberry.

The most respected, talked about, dominant, desired, admired and required bull the world has ever seen!!! He did in the show ring what no other bull has done before … or may never do again! His first calves, all over the world, are turning heads and making breeders believe in him. His dam, a powerful producer, now holds the all time Canadian record at auction at $64,000 to Brylor.

Mulberry’s calves, such as Olivia 2T, have continued his reign of dominance along with a bull calf in the U.S.,named Huckleberry, who was just named U.S. National Reserve Grand Champion Bull at Fort Worth 2008.

3J Farms

Owned with Rich Red Angus, Vinton, IA
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Reg # 1699260
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Red Angus Cattle in Ravia, OK

Mojito 503R

Reg. #: 1026932
Birth Date: 02/09/2005
Birth Wt.: 79
Adj. 205 wt.: 1001
Adj. 365 wt.: 1541

Mojito made history in Denver when he sold at the National Western Stock Show sale for $77,000 to the Mojito Syndicate of which we are one of the partners. This sire is consistently producing some of the best cattle in the Red Angus breed with bulls and heifers bring top prices at sale around the country. We offer semen on this bull and encourage you to give us a call if you are interested. Watch for bulls sired by Mojito at the annual Red Alliance sales held in March every year in Stillwater, Oklahoma

Cattle in Ravia, OK


BW: 82 lbs.
Adj. 205D Wt.: 887 lbs.
Adj. 365D Wt.: 1517 lbs.

We are proud to be partners with Mike Foster at Shepherd Settlement Farms owning the exclusive semen rights in the United States to this exciting young new sire. We believe that he will inject fresh new genetics into the US Red Angus gene pool. Watch for his progeny in future Red Alliance sales.

Thump is a big, stout, stylish calf with a great name that conjures up all kinds of stimulating conversation about how good he is both phenotypically and genotypically. His sire was unbeatable as a 2 year old not only in Canada, winning Grand Champion honors at all three major shows – Lloydminister, Farmfair, & Agribition ‘02; he also was named Sr. Champion at both Denver & Fort Worth in ‘03. Thump’s dam could quite possibly be the most decorated and highly regarded cow in the Red Angus breed worldwide!. She was named 2007Agribition Reserve Grand Champion Female, and named Canadian “Gold Show Female of the Year” twice – once as a 2 year old and again as a 10 year old!!

Red Angus Cattle in Ravia, OK

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